Kelly graduated from Mississippi State University where she received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in painting. Watercolor is her medium of choice along with the occasional pen and ink illustration. From portraits to nursery murals and abstract watercolor line designs, painting is an enjoyable outlet for Kelly. She takes her knowledge of line designs and aesthetics and applies that to her jewelry designs. She is attentive to the detail in her pieces, making sure that each creation provides interesting lines and colors that constructs an accessory like no other. 

  "I've always had a love for jewelry, and that stems from playing in my great Aunt's jewelry box. She had the most unique pieces. After graduation, I began this journey not knowing just how passionate about it I would be. I had a vision to create exceptional pieces to add to a customer's jewelry collection with the hope that they love it for a lifetime. I love getting to make these delicate, beautiful creations, but even more so, watching people wear my art." 

Our Story

 JOVIALart stems from a love of vintage beauty and class with a mix of modern-day style and sass. From dainty glass stone pieces to classic collars and eclectic pendants, each piece tells its own story. Made from upcycled, vintage jewelry, no pendant piece is the same, ensuring individuality. The classic collars are made from vintage buttons of all colors and sizes, adding a unique accessory to your ensemble, and the delicate stone pieces add the perfect amount of pretty to any outfit. They can be worn everyday or for special occasions. 14K gold chain completes each piece and are sure to turn heads!