Dainty pieces packed with power.

JOVIALart stems from an underlying love of classic beauty, and then mixed with modern-day style and power. Creator and designer, Kelly Quick received her BFA in painting and uses her knowledge of line designs and aesthetics to make sure her creations are the perfect combination of dainty and strong. From dainty glass stone pieces to eclectic pendants, each piece tells its own story.  The classic pendant pieces are hand-stitched and give new life to a vintage jewel. No pendant is the same, ensuring individuality.  The delicate stone pieces create interesting lines, shapes, and textures, and add the perfect amount of pretty to any outfit. They can be worn everyday or for special occasions. 14K gold chain completes each piece. These lovely, yet fierce pieces of jewelry are packed with a femininity that provides a boost in confidence and power.





Photos by 



Letty Weeks Photography